Partner With Us


Partners are Ginga fan-sites that are active in the community.

  • Must be Ginga related/themed.
  • Preferred in English, showing our affiliate banners, and have a well made responsive webdesign.
  • Will be listed on the Silver Fang Network homepage and be shown randomly at the bottom of most of our other partner websites.
  • Can request to be hosted on or


Affiliates can be for any website, not just Ginga related. So if you have art, webcomics, games, forums, services, etc. you think Ginga fans would enjoy, let us know and we can put your banner up!

  • 250×75 jpg or png banner.
  • Shown randomly at the bottom of most of our partner websites.
  • Must be SFW (or at least have NSFW censored).

SFN Banner:

Affiliate Banners Code:

Current Partners & Affiliates

If you notice anything wrong (broken links, innapropriate content, etc.) on any of our partner or advertisement sites, please let us know at [email protected] with the name of the site and we will remove it ASAP!