Help Get Ginga Licensed!

GNG manga is now available officially in English!

It is available to read on Manga Planet, a digital-only manga platform.

The manga and anime industry is at its peak. This is the perfect time to get the Ginga series noticed! There have been several success stories of mangas and animes getting licensed because licensors heard the voices of fans. If you have the time, please contact some publishers and let them know of the Ginga series. We need to be persistent, as licensing can take a while. We can't do it alone! There are hundreds of Ginga fans, just waiting for an official English translation!

Who To Contact

Nozomi Entertainment:

Sentai Filmworks:

Discotek Media:


Seven Seas Entertainment:


796 people want Ginga in English!

Sign your name below so we can let companies know just how many people want Ginga in English!

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