After hunting down information on the different plush and figure versions out there for the Ginga series, I decided to create GingaMerch to help keep track of my own collection, and help others as well. It was launched on February 12, 2015.

For the next two years I continued to find more information about the Ginga series spread throughout various fansites. I also organized a few projects such as Ohu Dogs. With everything spread out among tons of different places, it was difficult to keep everyone updated on the series and fan projects.

On July 29, 2017, the Silver Fang Network was launched. We partnered with fansites such as Ginga Board and the Ginga Wiki. Throughout the years we have added on more affiliates to our network, and also ran a few other fan projects! We have also started going to conventions within the US to talk to fans in person.

Our goal is to bring the Ginga community together! From Finland to the US, we should all be able to enjoy this crazy manga series about dogs!

– Regnant, Silver Fang Network founder

Silver Fang Network Staff

Staff on our affiliate sites vary! These staff work directly with the Silver Fang Network:

  • Regnant: Admin, webmaster
  • Wolpard: Discord moderator
  • Jersokoi: Discord moderator
  • Gingastar: Magazine editor

The Silver Fang Network is managed by DeguArts LLC.