Silver Fang Network

The Silver Fang Network is a collection of fansites for Yoshihiro Takahashi’s Ginga series: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (aka Hopeanuoli or Silver Fang), Ginga Densetsu Weed, and more.

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Ginga News

June 30, 2024: Silver Fang Magazine issue 8 released.

May 18, 2024: Yoshihiro Takahashi signing at Shosen Grande.

May 9, 2024: Volume 1 of Ginga Densetsu: Requiem released.

April 5, 2024: Silver Fang Network in the Golden State Fur Con Dealer’s Den April 5-7.

March 2, 2024: Yoshihiro Takahashi signing at Shosen Grande.

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Ginga Board

Ginga Board is a community forum for fans of Yoshihiro Takahashi. Here you will find the latest information and discussion about his works, fanart, collections, community projects and everything in between.

Silver Fang Magazine

Free fan-magazine with fanart, articles, and more related to the Ginga series. Submissions are always open for future issues!

Silver Fang Con

A virtual Ginga convention happening in February! We also attend other cons in person.

Ginga Wiki

The Ginga Wiki is an encyclopedia about Yoshihiro Takahashi’s work, with focus on the Ginga series and his other dog manga.

Manga Planet

Read the complete Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin manga in English on Manga Planet.


GingaMerch is your resource into the world of Ginga merchandise and collecting.

Battle for Futago Pass

Download and play a fan-recreated version of the original GNG board game.

Battōga Against Humanity

A Ginga-themed expansion deck for Cards Against Humanity. Print or play online!

Super Ginga Wars

Ginga-themed multiplayer battle game, modded from the open-source Super Mario War.

Ginga Meme Maker

Create your own Ginga memes from classic anime screenshots!

Ohu Dogs

Ginga character image generator.

Fansite Archive
The original home of Ginga Board.
Finnish fansite Kipsun Hopeanuolisivut.
Multi-language fansite.
German fan forum.